Researcher discovered Golden Ratio and Mathematical equations in Quran

Unlike any other scripture, Allah has promised to protect the Quran from any form of alteration, corruption or distortion in the following verse:

“We (Allah) have without doubt sent down the Message (Quran); We will assuredly guard it (from corruption). (Quran 15:9)

In recent times, Quran has been subjected to various intense mathematically-based studies such as

Whereas, a new study conducted by Dr. Khaled Mahmoud Salim Al-Faqih from Al-Albayt University has discovered a mathematical framework in the Quran based on gematria (Abjad numerals) that provides substantial evidence of Quran’s divine authorship and its perfect protection from human tampering.

This study is based on the Arabic text of Quran using the primary 28 alphabets of the Arabic language (Uthmanic manuscript), the 112 un-numbered Basmalahs and the names of the Quran chapters. Following are the outcomes of this research:

  • A Quran Constant (QC) having a numerical value (70.44911244)  was derived to represent the mathematical design of the Quran
  • The ratio of the total number of chapters in the Quran (114) which represents the physical design of the Quran divided by the Quran Constant (70.44911244) which represents the mathematical design of the Quran gave 1.6181893; that is amazingly almost equal to the golden ratio.
  • Three elegant mathematical equations were discovered that determine the total number of words, verses and chapters with great accuracy.

According to Dr. Khaled, this is the first study to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the mathematical design of the Quran is predominantly based on the golden ratio and provides clear evidence of supernatural intelligence in the design of the Quran.


To know more about the research, click on the link in references.


Al-Faqih, K. M. (2017). A mathematical phenomenon in the Quran of earth-shattering proportions: A Quranic theory based on gematria determining Quran primary statistics (words, verses, chapters) and revealing its fascinating connection with the golden ratio. Journal of Arts and Humanities, 6(6), 52-73.

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