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  1. My motivation forever….I cannot express my love for these videos…I acknowledge every means of it … Jazakallah Khairan…

  2. Jazaak Allah khairan. I have followed you right from FB from 2017 page but these videos are really amazing and the message of Quran really leaves one Wonder struck . Alhamdulillah for the gift of Islam.

  3. Alhamdulillah came across one of your videos as a you tube suggestion went through one and kept on going through the rest. Mashallah keep up the great work and may Allah (swt) reward you with jannatul firdous al Alaa.

  4. assalaumualeykum, please can you make many short clips as you made with raad mohd al kurdi. it is heart softening voice. and you can chise with shaikh hazza baluchi snd abu bakr shatri also. it should not exceed 2 minutes. jazakallah khire.

  5. Salaams very nice and commendable efforts however the adds that are posted on this site by Google analytics are extremely inconsistent with the morals of this site. Please revisit the ad posting.

  6. Best translation with soulful voice directly hit the Heart and soul.
    MashAllah Best work,
    Completely changed my life.
    Have mercy upon you all

  7. AssalamuAlaykum WaRahmatullahi WaBarakatuh Please Add Me If You’ll Have WhatApp Group My Number +966565794911 BarakAllahFeekum JazakumullahuKhairan

  8. Maa’shaa’Allah! Ahsin!
    May Allah (SWT) reward one and all involved in this project.. Immensely beneficial in helping us understand and enjoy the beauty of the Qur’anal Majeed.. Please continue to upload more verses of Qur’an especially by Sh Raad Al-Kurdi.
    Barakallahu fikum. Wassalaam Alaykum

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